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Do you know your risks?

Sharing Andrew Gissing’s post on knowing your risks and how Risk Frontiers, Macquarie University can assist your business: “Business disruption is a key risk to organisations. Whether by bushfires, cyclones, storms, floods or earthquakes, disruption can cause serious damage to your company’s assets, client services and reputation.

Ultimately, the success or failure of your business relies on its management of risk. To avoid serious disruption caused by disasters, organisations must assess risks and develop risk management plans.

Australia is exposed to a wide variety of natural disasters. Risk Frontiers has developed disaster risk models which provide information about historical events, possible future impact locations and their likely severity and frequency.

Risk Frontiers provides tools to businesses so they can manage their exposure to disasters. These tools identify disaster risks based upon the location of individual assets, enabling the detailed assessment of risk across an asset portfolio.

Risk Frontiers has an unmatched capability to model a diverse range of these in Australia including:
•Tropical Cyclone,
•Riverine Flooding, and
•Hail Storms.

In addition to information for Australia we do offer capabilities to assess risks in other parts of the Asia Pacific region.

If you would like to learn more about the disaster risks your business faces contact Andrew Gissing at



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