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Influenza Zika Pandemic Everbridge webinar

Everbridge EMEA (marketing Mass Notifications systems) also offers free webinars and white papers including their recent welcome input on Zika and influenza pandemic information and advice on preparations.

The Zika virus, a mosquito-borne virus linked to neurological birth disorders, is becoming a problem worldwide. In fact, the World Health Organization recently announced that the outbreak was a “public health emergency of international concern.” [1] Zika has already spread to “25 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean” and “more than 30 Americans have been diagnosed with Zika after returning from visits to countries with Zika outbreaks.” [1] Source [1]

With Zika dominating the headlines recently, we wanted to take a look back at our previous Influenza and Pandemic Preparedness panel webinar. Our expert panelists brought us through the steps that organization leaders in the public, private, and healthcare sectors are doing to keep their staff, employees, and residents saf
If you’re interested in learning more about the panelists or wish to hear their answers to more questions about pandemic preparedness, you can watch the full webinar here. Source

Please remember The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a federal agency that conducts and supports health promotion, prevention and preparedness activities in the United States with the goal of improving overall public health. Also the Australian Government Department of Health provides up to date information too at

B4Crisis hopes this information helps you and your organisation to prepare you, your business, community and family for the possibility of Zika virus spreading beyond the current limited number of cases identified in Australia from people returning from affected areas.


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